Last trip in NYC

The last time I was in NYC (I mean, before moving there), I took some photos that I hadn’t posted yet on the blog. I think now – four months later,  is a good time.


Maybe you know this cute little boutique in Brooklyn, called The Stone Flower. In a « pretty girl » ambiance, this boutique offers amazing accesories, from  earrings to headbands, dresses, or bracelets. When you enter in, it is just like if you where in a candy pink fashion world. If the « all pink » can repel some of you, I can ensure you that more than just a « girly/cute » boutique, the spirit of the location is much more closed to the elegance than the « Barbie and Ken » fashion.jew

I am personally more an adept of androgyne looks, but with all the beautiful things The Stone Flower offers, I could not leave without buying something, so do my friend Desiree :p If you are looking for some jewelery for a chic occasion, for the daily life, or if you want to offer a little present, you will for sure find your happiness there.

So if you have the occasion to walk around Belford Ave in Brooklyn, I definitely recommend you to pass by The Stone Flower, at 158 Belford Ave. You will not regret it 😉

Another shop that I liked is All Saints, in Soho with its kind of vintage/raw decor: old sewing machines on the wall, exposed stones and piping, old chairs…  All this ambiance is really nice to do shopping. All Saints offers of course nice pieces, and I felt in love with some androgynes clothes.

And finally I had a coup de coeur for Blair’s style while I was walking around in Time Square. She wore this really nice oversized hooded coat and Jeffrey Campbell heels.




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